Welcome to ASI,Inc.(ASI), your one-stop shop for all aviation maintenance and support needs. We are conveniently located just outside the Atlanta metro area on West Georgia Regional Airport (KCTJ). ASI is a class I,II,III Certified FAA repair station and offers a complete suite of services, from routine aircraft maintenance to heavy structural overhaul and repair. Additionally, ASI offers custom avionics installations, aircraft interiors and paint facilities conveniently located at the airfield.
Air Services was originally established as an airframe and engine repair facility in 1980. Having relocated to larger facilities at the West Georgia Regional Airport in 1996, ASI now offers its customers a 40,000 sq/ft. aircraft maintenance and aircraft repair hangar, a full service upholstery shop and a general aviation hangar. Our repair station classification also allows us to offer minor and major airframe repairs encompassing single engine piston to multi-engine turbo-prop and jet aircraft.

What this means to you is that all types of major airframe repair, modification and upgrade may be accomplished on site. Major components assemblies, such as wings, flight controls or other smaller components can be repaired and tagged with an 8130-3 for installation on your airframe.

ASI has a long history of performing major structural repair on damaged aircraft, such as "gear up" landing and off field landing resulting in damage to aircraft.

Additionally, ASI performs major phase inspections on all makes of aircraft for both personal and commercial aircraft and posses the necessary equipment to dismantle and ground transport your aircraft to our repair station. ASI also offers Hot Section Inspections and removal and installation of turbo-prop and and jet engines, as well as the overhaul and repair of piston engines.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your maintenance needs.