All Phase Check

All levels of OEM phase inspections, EMMA progressive inspections and periodic inspections are offered for all makes and models of aircraft up to a MTOW of 12,500 lbs.

Import and export of Certificate Air Worthiness

Arrangements can be made to import and export aircraft to most parts of the world.
Services offered includes all export documentation and logistics support
Arrangements made for container(s) to be delivered or received at the Port of your choice.
All services and loading included

Heavy Maintenance(overhaul) checks

This is our specialty. When your aircraft requires major airframe repair or refurbishment, look no further than Air Services, Inc. For major servicing of individual piston or turbine aircraft, or a whole fleet, our team of qualified A&P Mechanics and Technicians will quickly, safely and accurately comply with your light to heavy maintenance requirements maintenance for both pressurized and non-pressurized aircraft.

Replacement of Time/Cycle Limited Structural Components

The replacement periods of all time or cycle life limited components is carefully scrutinized and when their schedule calls for servicing, Air Services personnel will work with your maintenance department to co-ordinate the repair or replacement of any life limited components. Advanced planning ensures that you are not AOG for extended periods.

AD and Service Bulletin Compliance

Whether monitored by your maintenance personnel, or Air Services, Inc. staff, ample time is given for scheduling and/or positioning of maintenance personnel with all tooling and components, ready to complete the required task. This equates to minimal down time.

Major/Minor Repairs

For servicing of individual piston or turbine aircraft, or a whole fleet, our team of qualified A&P Mechanics and Technicians will quickly, safely and accurately comply with your light to heavy maintenance requirements. No job is too great nor too small.

Damage/Accident Reports

Air Services, Inc. technicians know how to work with our customers to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Being owners and operators of aircraft over the years, we know and understand what is required to return your aircraft in the minimum possible time period and within budget. Maintaining a consistent line of communications with the operator ensures that there are no surprises when the work is done.

Aircraft Recovery and Investigation Services

Nothing short of years of experience can provide a clear understanding of what is necessary for an accurate and detailed post-incident/accident investigation. Air Services personnel have extensive experience working closely with Insurance Adjusters, FAA and NTSB to ensure that all aspects of an investigation are addressed correctly and efficiently. Our recovery teams arrive ready to recover the aircraft and remove it to our repair facility, where it can be stored pending repair approval, or released to maintenance for re-building.

Containerization and Transport of Aircraft

Containerization of aircraft is monitored by personnel who have long experience in shipping of aircraft via container. Packed in container with custom formers and shipping jigs Customs Brokers highly experienced in shipping aircraft globally, All shipments insured.

Interior Reconfiguration

Our interior craftsmen will work with you for complete or partial re-furbishing of your aircraft interior. Whether it is a two-seater or large corporate/commuter interior, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. Every attention to detail is given to ensure that your aircraft interior is flawlessly executed to meet or exceed your expectations. For a detailed assessment of your needs, please contact our Director of Maintenance who will discuss, in detail, all aspects of your interior refurbishment with you.

Aircraft Maintenance and Custom Modifications

Ready to serve our customers where needed, ASI provides a variety of maintenance solutions for a broad range of aircraft types that include Cessna, Raytheon (Beechcraft), Piper, Viking (DeHavilland) to name a few. ASI is also equipped to perform a range of aircraft modifications and upgrades, including major aircraft engineering and modification. We are committed towards reliable on-time delivery coupled with quality maintenance services at competitive rates. Our aim is to keep your aircraft flying

Long/Short Term Indoor Aircraft Storage

Short and Long Term indoor aircraft storage is available for small single engine aircraft to large corporate jet aircraft. All hangars are of modern construction and are secure.

Avionics Shop

Whether it is a Collins, King, Garmin or other avionics requirements, our Avionics shop is standing by to handle all of your installation and repair requirements

Availability of DER Services

Depending on the complexity of your repair or modification, the services of either a DER or DAR can be quickly made available.